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Honestly, as a pastor myself I am fully aware of this topic all too well. Over my twenty two years of ministry I have seen so much. I have seen 3 main categories of leaders. The one that is so kind and loved by everyone, yet disrespected and overworked. The one that most don't care for but just tolerates and complies with in spite of his overbearing personally and finally the pastor that is well respected and loved but still has the ability to manage a home and ministry balance.
While aging can bring wisdom and experience, there are inevitable losses that even the healthiest seniors face. Loved ones and friends fall ill and pass away. Energy and mobility levels often decrease, resulting in feelings of lost independence and opportunities. Neighborhoods change over time, leaving even those well enough to remain in their own homes feeling lonely. The focus on family, friends and togetherness during this time of year can actually bring melancholy feelings to the forefront.
Declutter. That’s what it’s time to do. We need to declutter every aspect of our life. According to Google declutter is defined as ‘removing unnecessary items from untidy or over crowded place’. This means that we need to remove anything in our life that is not for us or that is not making us better. Anything that causes you stress, worry, insomnia, fatigue or even irritation needs to be cut out of our life.