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iNSPIRING MAGAZINE is thrilled to introduce our new website home. We have built it to reflect our dynamic print product and to showcase our unique content — long features, business and ministry spotlights. We hope our readers, new and old, will find the site as appealing and accessible as we do.

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Like our website, the Magazine has been redesigned and reimagined. In it, you will find our Inspiring Men sharing their stories, knowledge, experience and expertise. Oh yes, we have EXPANDED OUR CONTENT and our audience. No longer are we a Women’s Magazine but yet we are a People’s Magazine ready to Inspire, Educate, Equip, and Engage our readers to live healthy lives and build healthy communities.

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So, don’t let this be your only time to visit iNSPIRING MAGAZINE, it’s our goal to provide you with a more engaged online experience.

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“Who would have ever thought that we would be confined in our homes for months because of a worldwide pandemic? Many have suffered and lost loved ones due to the coronavirus. And people are yet dying. Families are yet suffering. Racial tension is on the rise with needless and uncalled for killings every day. We didn’t expect this, but it happened, and is yet happening.”
JACKSONVILLE AUTISTIC SOCIETY was birthed out the hearts and life experiences of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. With the desire to make a difference within the Autism community, JACKSONVILLE AUTISTIC SOCIETY was created as a space for children and adults with autism to socialize.
Learn more about this nonprofit at https://jaxautisticsociety.com/
Madison’s passion for fighting homelessness and poverty started when she was eight years old. The student would bring snacks back from school to make goodie bags for people she saw in the streets. 
Learn more about this nonprofit at https://www.facebook.com/GetBackUpAgainOrg

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